Arduino Internet of Things Cloud and Amazon Alexa cloud project


Arduino Internet of Things Cloud

Arduino Internet of Things Cloud

Arduino enthusiasts looking for a new project to keep them busy this weekend might be interested in how to use the Arduino IoT Cloud and Amazon Alexa to interact with your sensors. A new project published this month to the website provides a great tutorial on how you can combine Arduino and Alexa together to create a wide variety of different applications.

“In this tutorial we are going to use Arduino IoT Cloud, if you are new to Arduino IoT Cloud, we advise to first take a look at this introductory project, which will give you an overview and guide you throug the process of setting up your supported board, IoT Cloud things and properties and get you onboard.”

More details on using the Arduino Web Editor and Arduino Cloud jump over to the website by following the link below to read through the project which is being classed as an intermediate skill level build.

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