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Apple’s Dark Sky app is officially dead on Android devices


Dark Sky was one of the best weather apps available for Android devices. However, the app was purchased back in April by Apple, and it’s now officially shut down.

The popular weather app Dark Sky is no more. It was finally shut down, a couple of months after Apple acquired it. The app was supposed to be taken down by July 1, but Apple then decided to take it down on August 1. The app was first taken down from the Play Store, to prevent new users from downloading it, and now when you go into the Dark Sky app, you receive a message saying that “The Dark Shy app has shut down.”

The Dark Sky website is also supposed to be taken down, but Apple has decided to give an unspecified extension on weather forecasts and maps. Android users who were subscribed to the $2,99/year plan will receive a full refund, but that doesn’t really make up for the loss of a good app.

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