Alienware Area-51m laptop GPU upgrade kits now available


Alienware Area-51m laptop GPU

Alienware Area-51m laptop GPU

Dell has this month announced that GPU upgrade kits are now available for its Alienware Area-51m laptop. The high-powered gaming laptop launched earlier this year promising that you would be able to upgrade nearly every component included within the laptop including the graphics processing unit.

The upgrade kits offer the Nvidia RTX 2070 and 2080 GPUs which are also offered as one of the specifications listed for the flagship Alienware Area-51m laptops at launch. If you purchased a lower end specification Alienware Area-51m laptop and now have a few pounds spare to update its performance the upgrade kits are now available.

Dell is making the new upgrade kits available with three parts taking the form of the new GPU built on Dell’s DGFF (Dell Graphics Form Factor) specification; a thermal kit for that GPU (the more powerful GPUs need better cooling); and a more powerful charger. if you don’t feel comfortable taking your laptop apart and installing new components Dell is also offering an upgrade service where a Dell technician will calling and carry out the installation for you.

Alienware Area-51m laptop GPU upgrade

Alienware Area-51m laptop GPU upgrade

– The Alienware Area-51m RTX 2070 upgrade kit is priced at $1,038.99
– The Alienware Area-51m RTX 2080 upgrade kit is priced at $1,638.99

At launch Dell is running an introductory discount on the two kits allow you to save up to 39% with the RTX 2080 kit priced at $999.99 and the RTX 2070 priced at t $699.99.

Source:  Verge

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