Ai.type Keyboard App Makes Unauthorized Purchases


Ai.type is a popular 3rd party keyboard app for Android on the Play Store. But it was removed from the Play Store after security reports of displaying invisible advertisements and requiring unnecessary permissions. The Android marketplace has more than 40 million downloads. It wasn’t as popular at the App Store, but it was also available for iOS devices.

It is no longer available so what is the big deal? Well, millions of devices still continue to use the app. It is very possible that they are not aware of the shady techniques used by the ai.type app.

While invisible advertisements might seem to be a big deal, signing up for unauthorized purchases for premium content is a big deal. Upstream Secure-D mobile security platform uncovered the finding in a recent report where they mentioned that even though the emoji keyboard app is no longer at the Play Store, it is still active on millions of devices. This is definitely something to be aware of and make others aware of if you think they are using it.

So get the word out and help your friends. Also, if you find the .APK file available, we advise you not to install it of course.

Source Ubergizmo

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